Shakkar Para

Recipe By : Vijayalakshmi

Ingredients :

  1. Flour 1kg
  2. Sugar 1 kg

Apparatus Required : Rolling Pin, Kadhai

Method :

  1. Take some water and boil and when it starts bubbling add the sugar.
  2. After the sugar syrup is formed let it cool and then knead the flour with this sugar syrup. Knead well till it’s soft and firm
  3. Once you are done kneading roll out with a rolling pin and cut into desired shaped and keep aside.
  4. Take a pan or a kadhai and heat oil till it’s hot.
  5. Fry the cut out pieces in the hot oil.
  6. Remove these pieces once golden brown


Note :

This is a sweet that can be stored for a while without refrigeration. It is prepared mostly during Indian festivals like Diwali etc so that it can be served to all the guests who call on to wish and hello !




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